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INTRODUCTION: These Terms and Conditions apply, without restriction or reservation, to the use of the website, owned by MAGIC FENNEC SL with CIF No. B-99550667, operating in the market under the brand MAGIC FENNEC. All policies published on our website set forth the conditions under which MAGIC FENNEC offers you access to our websites, products, and services. Users must read these Terms of Use and Sale of Use, access, or purchase on this website implies knowledge and full acceptance of the legal warnings and conditions detailed below. MAGIC FENNEC reserves the right to modify the usage policy of this agreement at its own initiative and without prior notice to the User, with such conditions coming into effect from the moment of their publication on the website. In any case, such modifications will not have retroactive effects on services already previously contracted by the User. Therefore, we invite you to regularly inform yourself of the new Terms of Use. SCOPE: These stipulations aim to regulate the use of the different products/services offered by MAGIC FENNEC, a company that operates online through the website MAGIC FENNEC is a company dedicated to providing software development services, video games, virtual reality, and metaverse, as well as audiovisual production and training in these fields. All sections that make up these Terms of Use of the website must be known and accepted by all users who access the site. INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY: Regarding intellectual property, reference should be made to the provisions already established in the Legal Notice on the website However, it should be noted that the public information contained on the website, the software, products, or services that can be obtained from them, as well as the brands, products, and logos, among others, of the companies and centers of the offered services, are protected by the legal provisions on intellectual and industrial property. Therefore, copying, transmitting, transferring, alienating, or using them by the User is not authorized without the express prior consent of MAGIC FENNEC or the owner of the brands or logos, as provided in the Intellectual and Industrial Property Law. USE OF THE PORTAL: The User agrees to use the Portal, its content, and offered services in accordance with the Law, these Terms of Use, good customs, and public order. When using this website, you must not:
  • Undermine or harm the reputation and good name of MAGIC FENNEC.
  • Alter, destroy, or damage data, programs, or any information present on the Website.
  • Spread or publish slander, defamation, and/or racist, xenophobic content, advocate terrorism, or violate human rights in any way.
  • Obstruct or prevent access by other Users, as well as perform any action that may damage or interrupt our systems, such as implanting a virus.
  • Make unauthorized or fraudulent use of the website and/or its contents for illegal purposes or effects that evade applicable legal regulations, third-party rights, or our policies.
  • Incite other users to act illegally.
  • Impersonate other users using their access credentials or use fictitious emails to post ads.
  • Distribute or send spam, mass or unsolicited electronic communications, chain messages, or pyramid schemes.
  • Use robots, spiders, scrapers, or any other automatic means to access the Services, or for any other purpose, without prior written consent from MAGIC FENNEC.
  • Commercialize any MAGIC FENNEC application or any information or software associated with such application.
  • Collect information about Users, including email addresses, without their consent.
MAGIC FENNEC will use all means at its disposal to keep the service available 24 hours a day, committing to make necessary repairs for service restoration as soon as an issue is known. However, if the service outage is due to external causes such as prolonged interruption of any external supply, main network node failures, social conflicts, third-party actions, or temporary service suspension due to equipment updates, MAGIC FENNEC does not guarantee effective service restoration and is exempt from any liability for damages resulting from the lack of service. RESPONSIBILITY: MAGIC FENNEC will be solely responsible for the services it provides and the content directly originated by MAGIC FENNEC or identified with its Copyright. This responsibility will be excluded in cases of force majeure or when the user’s equipment configuration is not adequate to allow proper use of the Services offered by MAGIC FENNEC. MAGIC FENNEC is not responsible for the possible appearance of ads indexed in external search engines once they have been removed from our databases. You accept full responsibility for the legality of your actions under applicable legislation, as well as for the legality of the items you advertise on our Website. MINORS: Generally, minors under 14 years old must have obtained prior authorization from their parents, guardians, or legal representatives to use the Portal Services, who will be responsible for all acts performed through the Portal by the minors in their care. AGREEMENT These terms of use constitute the entire agreement between the parties. If one of the clauses of these conditions is void, it will not affect the rest of the conditions. APPLICABLE LAW AND JURISDICTION IN CASE OF DISPUTES The relationship between MAGIC FENNEC and the user will be governed by the current Spanish legislation, and any disputes will be submitted to the competent Courts and Tribunals. CONTACT For any questions, inquiries, or suggestions, you can contact MAGIC FENNEC through the following details: MAGIC FENNEC Customer Service Department Avenida Mar铆a Zambrano number 31, 1st floor, WTC East Tower Building, CP 50.018 Zaragoza Phone: +34 976 92 92 30 Email: Legal text updated on 04/11/24