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Virtual and Augmented Reality Company

Empowering businesses with Extended Reality (XR) technology: Explore the boundary between the virtual and the real in Spain.

We are experts in the development of virtual, augmented, and mixed reality projects.

Magic Fennec emerged in the technological landscape to revolutionize how companies interact with extended reality. As pioneers in Virtual, Augmented, and Extended Reality services, Magic Fennec integrates talents from various disciplines: Developers, 3D Designers, Unreal Engine Experts, and User Experience Specialists. This interdisciplinary team focuses on exceeding the expectations of each project, adapting to the unique goals and visions of our clients.

We take pride in our track record of creating immersive experiences that surpass conventional limits, thanks to our dedication to innovation and exceptional quality. If you're considering exploring the possibilities of augmented and virtual reality for your business, Magic Fennec is your ideal partner.

Extended Reality (XR)

Services related to extended reality technologies, which may involve virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), and mixed reality (MR).

Script and Storyboard

Development of scripts and storyboards as the visual planning of scenes and sequences for a production.

Scene Transitions

Design and execution of smooth and effective transitions between different scenes of a production.

Fine Animations

Detailed animation of 3D-modeled objects to closely mimic the natural movement of real objects.

Visual Effects (VFX)

Implementation of visual effects, such as adding elements to the background like the Earth's atmosphere, to enrich the production.

Final Shot Composition

Combining high-quality individual elements into a single shot for each scene, ensuring a polished final composition.

Final Pixel Rendering

Final rendering process that integrates textures, geometries, lighting, and shading to create the video of the virtual production.

Final Product Composition

Creation and adjustment of the final details for the final shots, culminating in the completion of the product.
Extended Reality

Top-level technological solutions

Magic Fennec is the #1 company in developing extended reality, virtual, and augmented projects.

Magic Fennec stands out as your ideal partner in augmented, virtual, and extended reality due to its innovative approach, extensive experience, and agile methodology. With an expert team and customized solutions, it ensures the success of your project in Spain.

01. More than 20 projects completed.

02. More than 1000 professionals trained with us.

03.Own recording set and virtual studio.

Frequently asked questions about virtual reality, augmented reality and extended reality

Virtual reality allows immersion in digital environments through devices like VR glasses, creating exciting experiences and overcoming physical barriers. It facilitates the simulation of diverse environments and situations without the need for conventional logistics.

Augmented reality overlays digital data or three-dimensional elements onto the real environment using mobile devices or special glasses. It streamlines learning, enhances efficiency, and enables intuitive, hands-free interaction with key information.

Mixed reality combines augmented reality with the ability to interact with IoT devices through applications on mobile devices, for managing and visualizing internal equipment information, virtual control, and sensor adjustment.

Virtual reality optimizes time and reduces costs by enabling quick and effective training. It transforms companies culturally by allowing simulation of projects and processes without physical implementations.

The application of virtual reality is extensive, improving logistics, manufacturing, sales, education, and remote work. It enriches marketing with surprising experiences and promotes diversity and inclusion.

Any sector can benefit from virtual and augmented reality. Accessible from common devices to affordable VR glasses, these technologies are universal in their application.

We operate as digital creative agencies, customizing XR projects to fit client needs, with a team of designers, 3D modelers, and multimedia experts, all coordinated by a project manager.

Since our foundation, we have collaborated on innovative VR and AR projects for a wide range of international companies, accumulating awards and recognition for our creativity and quality.

The cost varies depending on the project’s complexity, including code development, 3D modeling, and the desired level of interactivity in the virtual environment.

Augmented reality enhances social and professional skills, contributes to treating phobias, promotes social inclusion and diversity, and improves empathy and cultural understanding by experiencing different perspectives virtually.

Both are part of extended reality, with virtual reality creating entirely digital environments and augmented reality integrating digital elements into the real environment, enriching the user’s perception.