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Virtual Production & Filming

Explore the future of cinema with Magic Fennec: VR, LiDAR, and Motion Capture for innovative filmmakers.

We are experts in developing Virtual Production & Virtual Filming projects.

Magic Fennec is redefining cinematography with its pioneering approach to Virtual Production and Filming, integrating VR, LiDAR, and Motion Capture for innovative filmmakers. We specialize in creating virtual environments and advanced techniques that transform filmmaking, allowing unprecedented precision and flexibility. With VR Scouting and Vcam, filmmakers can manipulate digital environments in real-time, while technologies like laser scanning and photogrammetry reproduce terrains with accuracy.

Our mastery of motion capture captures facial and bodily details, integrating them into animated characters in Unreal Engine 4, enabling complex animations. Magic Fennec is committed to exceeding expectations, providing tools and support to filmmakers who want to explore new dimensions of creativity and realism in their projects. We are the ideal partner to take cinematic production to the next level.

Virtual Set Exploration (VR Scouting)

Allows filmmakers to explore and modify digital environments in virtual reality to precisely plan shots.

Laser Scanning and Photogrammetry

Utilization of advanced technologies to replicate terrains and physical environments in digital settings with precision and detail.

Terrain Recreation with Retopology

Learning and application of techniques to recreate existing surfaces into more detailed and optimized geometries.

Motion Capture (MoCap)

Advanced technology to reflect human movements in animated characters, enhancing the authenticity of animations.

Skeletal Mesh Animation

Utilization of Unreal Engine 4 to animate various properties on skeletal meshes, enhancing the quality of animation.

Creation of Digital Environments

Development of complex digital environments for film and television, utilizing advanced technologies for a hyper-realistic outcome.

Lighting and Texture Simulation

Application of material libraries and advanced lighting techniques to achieve realistic visual effects in virtual environments.

Integration of Animated Actors with Motion Capture

Synchronization of captured movements with animated characters in digital environments, using Unreal Engine 4 for seamless integration.
Virtual Production

Top-level technological solutions

Magic Fennec is the #1 company in the development of Virtual Production projects.

Magic Fennec positions itself as your key ally in virtual production and filming thanks to its leadership in innovation, extensive technical knowledge, and dynamic approach. With a highly specialized team and personalized services, we guarantee the successful realization of your audiovisual projects.

01. More than 20 projects completed.

02. More than 1000 professionals trained with us.

03. Own recording set and virtual studio.

Frequently asked questions about virtual production and virtual filming

Virtual production and filming combine digital technologies and visual effects to create realistic or fantastical environments without the need for physical locations. It serves to save costs, time, and resources in audiovisual production, allowing for greater flexibility and creativity.

Virtual production and filming help businesses by enabling them to create visually stunning content at a lower cost, reduce production times, and achieve greater adaptability to changes, thus enhancing their brand presence and communication.

Uses include creating advertisements, movies, television series, educational videos, and simulations for training. It is also used in virtual events, augmented reality, and video games, offering immersive and educational experiences.

Any company, from film and television studios, advertising agencies, video game companies, to educational and training organizations, can benefit from virtual production and filming to create innovative and engaging content.

A virtual production and filming studio uses high-resolution LED screens, advanced cameras, and visual effects software to create and manipulate virtual environments in real-time, allowing for dynamic interaction between actors and digital settings.

Magic Fennec stands out for its technological innovation, production quality, and experienced creative team, offering customized solutions that meet the specific needs of each project, making it a market leader.

The cost varies depending on the complexity of the project, the resources used, and the duration of the content to be produced. Productions can be tailored to different budgets, from small projects to large-scale productions, offering financial flexibility.

Virtual production and filming foster creativity, education, and entertainment, offering new ways to tell stories and share knowledge. Additionally, they promote sustainability by reducing the need for travel and the construction of physical sets, positively impacting the environment.