Virtual Production


Virtual Production for Film, TV, Animation, Live Events, Marketing and more

We are experts in Virtual production. If you want to make your audiovisual production shine, we can help you create scenarios or TV sets, with VR Scouting, Laser scanning and Motion Capture.


Specialized Services

  1. Scenario creation
  2. Kinematics
  3. Animations for film
  4. Laser Scanning
  5. LIDAR y Point Cloud
  6. Photogrammetry
  7. Rheopology
  8. Motion Capture
  9. Live & Link take recorder
  10. Rokoko Studio
  11. Control Rig Unreal
  12. Vcam / VR Scouting

Specialized team

3d Experts

We have a complete team of sculptors, animators, lighting experts, material construction, environment artist, etc.

Artists & Designers

Art Director, Image Designers, Layout Designers, Narrative, UI/UX Designers, VFX Artist.


Web programmers, Unreal Engine, C++ and C# programmers, MySQL and NoSQL Administrators and Architects

Architects & Engineers

Designers, analysts, planners and structural design technicians


Market research, strategy and planning, communication, content creation.


Do you want to create a virtual production?

Contact us and ask for an appointment to explain your project to be implemented.