Virtual Production

We are experts in Virtual production. If you want to make your audiovisual production shine, we can help you create scenarios or TV sets, with VR Scouting, Laser scanning and Motion Capture.

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  • Laser scanning, LiDAR, Point Cloud, Photogrammetry, retopology

  • MotionCapture – Facial / Body – Live & Link Take Recorder & Rokoko Studio / Control Rig.

  • virtual cammera ue

    Vcam / VR Scouting

  • Scenario Creation

  • virtual reality Unreal Engine


  • servicios de cinematicas


  • Materiales VR


  • Fine animation ue

    Fine Animations

  • Visual Effects (VFX)

  • Final shooting composition

    Final Shooting Composition

  • Final Pixel Rendering

  • product rendering

    Final Product Composition

Extended Reality

We create virtual reality experiences to express and transmit ideas. We offer services such as XR, cinematics, fine animations and VFX, among others.

Creative Art

Magic Fennec offers a wide range of art services for companies, our professionals know the different digital art techniques in trend. Here we show you a selection.

  • concept art

    Concept Art

  • Storyboard service

    Scripting and storyboard

  • Producto virtual servicio

    Marketing and Key Art

  • Sculpting

Unreal Development

Unreal engine  servicios

How do we work?

—   We use Agile methodologies - SCRUM

Your project will be handled of a Project Manager, who acts as SCRUM master, supporting and coordinating all the needs between the client or Product Owner and the work team. We are part of your team, an extension of experts at your disposal.

Modalidades de proyecto

  • Turn-key systems solutions

  • Team augmentation with Unreal Engine developers.

    Expand your team with experienced Unreal Engine developers who will integrate seamlessly into your internal team and dedicate themselves fully to your project.

  • Time and material.
  • If you need flexibility to scale up and down your team of Unreal Engine developers, changing project scope, deliverables and requirements, try out our time and material cooperation model.

  • Unreal Engine development support.
  • Nuestros desarrolladores profesionales de Unreal Engine proporcionan asesoramiento experto y apoyan a su equipo de desarrollo principal para garantizar un excelente rendimiento y calidad de su producto y acelerar el tiempo de comercialización.


    Spot the specialized services of

    Video game design and development

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