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August 2, 2021
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February 22, 2018

Explore the Virtual Production project for Audi e-tron GT

Throughout 2020 and early 2021, our team of experts in Unreal Engine has been working on a first class project.

Magic Fennec had worked on the creation of a commercial for the new Audi e-tron.

Here is the impressive result. The main objective of our team was to build the virtual environment of the advertisement, i.e. to create a 3D environment in real time that would allow the advertisement to be adapted , shots and scenes on the fly, without the need to spend many hours dedicated to the post-production of scenes.

Thanks to the Game Engine, it was possible to develop this environment set in an American desert landscape.

The client presented us with a complete moodboard of the scenes. Following his indications we recreated 5 zones.

  • Zone 1: Parking area
  • Zone 2: Bends.
    Inspoiradas en The Jebel Hafeet Mountain Road – UAE, Red Rock Scenic Road - Utah - USA, Valley of fire highway - Nevada - USA.
  • Zone 3: Rock area
  • Zone 4: Whater area
  • Zone 5: On the way to the city

  • Additionally, Audi selected Tom Hardy as the central actor of the spot. Hardy perfectly represents the idea that the client expressed in the briefing: an honest, animalistic, perfectionist, organic and sensitive spot.

    After script and storyboard approval, we started working in Unreal Engine.
    For the construction of the scenes, we receive the model of the vehicle and with the already known Mannequin of Unreal Engine we build the scenes by means of sequencer.

    We leave you some of the wonderful images of the new vehicle of the manufacturer and the 3D model, although the recording would be done with the real vehicle and this 3D model would be used in environmental shots, we also made a retopology project of the real vehicle.

    The Magic Fennec team together with Outland travelled to London to film the spot on set. You can see more in our "behind the scenes" in which we present the Making-off of the spot.

    Proyecto de VP para Audi e-TRON GTProyecto de VP para Audi e-TRON GT

    Technical specifications of the project:

    AUDI e-tron (on set)

  • Cables (TBD)
  • Tracking System (V. Support/Crane + Mainset)
  • Shooting Management System (1 per Set) + Software
  • Hardware & Software
  • Cherry Pickers
  • Monitors
  • Lighting Kit
  • 2x Heads: MO-SYS L40 or SCORPIO Head for crane, MO-SYS eSENSOR friction Head
  • Camera Body (3) + 2 X Zooms + Primes lense package
  • VIDEO ASSIST equipment & system
  • DIT Station and equipment
  • Steadicam + other Grip
  • Key Grip (Dolly, tracks etc.)
  • Crane Grip
  • Electric / Grip Riggers
  • Rigging stickers
  • Professionals participating in the set:

  • 3 Technicians + 1 SUPERVISOR
  • 1 MO-SYS Technician
  • 1 Outland producer
  • 1 DOP
  • 1 Steadicam Operator
  • 1 Gaffer
  • 1 Lighting Table Technician
  • 1 Camera Assistant (1st/Focus Puller)
  • 1 Camera Assistant (2nd AC)
  • 1 Art Department / Set Build
  • 1Make Up / Stylist
  • 1 1st AD

  • Magic Fennec Team