Character design for the UT-HUB training center.

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January 17, 2022
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Character Design for Unreal Engine training center.

Realizamos la caracterización de personajes 3D que se pudieran introducir a los proyectos de Unreal Engine para sustituir el mannequin convencional por una imagen más corporativa del centro de formación UT-HUB, especializado en formación de Unreal en las diferentes industrias y certificado por Epic Games. Se realizaron varios concept arts con el objetivo de recoger varias ideas y decidir el estilo que estos personajes debían tener antes de ser enviados al modelador 3D y, finalmente, de animarlos.


These characters were designed in both male and female versions, in 3 different skins to visually adapt to the environment (white, gray and black).

Finally, the model was chosen with a stylized style, worked on in 3D and animated.

Through the concept, instructions and references received, the character was modeled adapting it to the proportions of the Unreal Engine Mannequin and in its highest quality. Once we were satisfied with the final result, the retopology was made with a polygonal modeling according to the needs of the center. Finally, it was textured with 3 different shades to be able to vary the model according to the functions or tastes.

You can explore these 3D character models in their entirety below, enjoy them thanks to Skechfab's integration with Unreal Engine

On the left, you will find the Female Agent and, on the right, the Male Agent. These characters have become the virtual mascot of the training center.

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3D Model UT-HUB Agents