Chemical Battles – Video game

Character design for the UT-HUB training center.
August 23, 2021
Virtual production para Audi
VP project for Audi e-TRON GT
February 22, 2018

"Chemical Battles is a cross-platform, multiplayer strategy game in which different chemical elements clash on a battlefield. In this fight, the most prominent scientists in history also take part."

This game is framed in the strategic genre. In this way, we want to put into practice the skills and reasoning of the players to achieve victory.

The video game teach history, as it is based on the most damaging real chemical disasters in history, and chemistry, as the characters we play with are based on the very qualities of the elements.

Strategy game developed in MOBA chess style. An Alpha version of the game is currently available to learn about its history and some of the characters that make up Alumina, being able to compose the deck of characters and discover their attacks.

Chemical Battles is inspired by the chemical elements and their origins, with this game we seek to develop strategic skills and learn about chemical reactions so that it is much more fun to discover how these elements behave in a battlefield.


Clostridium, as a criminal organization, has given life to the most dangerous chemicals and diseases. Only Alumina, their counterpart, will be able to confront them through experimentation on the battlefield. Welcome to Chemical Battles!

Do you want to know more? You can download the Apha by accessing our game page on


Images of the game design and development