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magic fennec

Specialized 3D company

Without a doubt, we achieved these good results thanks to the team of professionals we have. A multidisciplinary team ready to make your ideas come true.
Our experts in art and technology complement each other, forming a 360º team for the creation of 3D virtual realities in real time.
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Top-level technological solutions

Magic Fennec develops and creates immersive experiences in limitless realities. Thanks to creativity and real-time technology, we produce, globally, a new way of conceiving reality.
The experts that make up the human team are the creative pillar of the studio, which works comprehensively in the industries in which this technology specializes.

Through Unreal Engine we diversify its applications in different industries, improving society through first-class technological solutions.

01. Innovation
02. Social growth
02. Dissemination of knowledge

Specialized Team

We have a complete team of modelers, animators, lighting experts, materials construction, environment artists, etc.

Art Director, image designers, plans, narrative, UI/UX Designers, VFX Artist.

Web programmers, Unreal Engine, C++ and C# programmers, MySQL and NoSQL administrators and architects

Designers, analysts, planners and structural calculation technicians


Trained by us


Happy clients 


Virtual set with LED volume

Virtual productions with LED Volume in Madrid and scenarios with Unreal Engine.

Spaces for Broadcasting, television, cinema with Unreal Engine

Location of facilities

Elenco Audiovisión - Avda. Prado Del Espino 5 • Nave 1-3 28660 Boadilla Del Monte

Chroma recording set for VP

Room Applications

  • Video production with virtual worlds
  • Recording for advertisements and advertising
  • Video clip filming
  • Videos with mixed reality
  • Chroma and lighting photography

Professional advice on technical equipment

Depending on the needs of the project, our technical team will advise you and recommend the best solutions on the market. Do you want to know how we assembled the chroma room? We adapt to each client. Ask us without obligation!

Chroma set specialized in virtual productions

Filming Set Rental for Virtual Productions

In our training center in Zaragoza we have specialized facilities for audiovisual productions that require virtual environments. The Virtual Production Filming Set will allow you to make recordings by controlling the intensity and color of lighting, it also has a starTracker map or map with geolocation points on the ceiling. The room is insulated by glass, and has air conditioning.

How we work?

We use Agile - SCRUM methodologies

Your project will be in the hands of a Project Manager, who plays the role of SCRUM master, providing support and coordinating all needs between the client or Product Owner and the work team.
We are part of your team, an extension of experts at your disposal.
our goals

We look forward to exceeding your expectations.