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3D Animation Company

We transform ideas into stunning 3D realities for video games and architecture. Elevate your projects with us.

We are experts in 3D animations and modeling.

Magic Fennec emerges as an undisputed leader in the creation of stunning digital worlds and unparalleled visual experiences, specializing in advanced 3D modeling within Unreal Engine, the cutting-edge platform in video game development and architectural visualization. Our passion and dedication allow us to cover everything from conceptualization, where we transform ideas into robust and captivating visual concepts essential for the creative process, to digital sculpting, where our ability to create detailed and realistic 3D models shines in characters, environments, and objects.

We excel in both hard and soft surface modeling, adapting to the needs of objects with smooth and organic surfaces or rigid and geometric structures, complemented by texturing that brings life and realism to each model.

Project Conceptualization

We transform ideas into solid visual concepts to support creative processes.

Advanced Digital Sculpting

Creation of detailed and realistic models of environments, props and characters through digital sculpture.

3d modeling

Experience modeling soft surfaces and rigid structures for objects and environments.

Deep Texturing

Application of detailed textures to bring realism and life to 3D models.

Dynamic Animation

Creation of animations, from simple to complex, to provide movement and personality to the creations.

Visual Effects (VFX)

Generation of visual effects to complement audiovisual projects.

Video games development

Using Unreal Engine to create games with immersive environments and characters.

Architectural Visualization

Presentation of architectural projects with detailed 3D modeling and realistic texturing.
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3D design and modeling

We are the #1 company in 3D design and modeling

Magic Fennec excels in 3D design and modeling, setting the standard in creativity, technical depth and innovative strategies. With a team of highly qualified experts and tailor-made solutions, we are committed to turning your creative visions into reality.

01. More than 20 projects completed.

02. More than 1000 professionals trained with us.

03. Own recording set and virtual studio.

3D Modeling and Design FAQ

3D design agencies are creative companies that focus on the generation of three-dimensional visual content for applications in film, television and other digital formats. These agencies play a crucial role in the entertainment industry by providing 3D solutions that enrich the viewer’s experience, creating worlds and settings that offer a high level of realism and depth. His job is to collaborate closely with clients to develop 3D visual effects, graphics and animations that meet the specific needs of each project.

In Spain, 3D design agencies offer a wide spectrum of specialized services ranging from 3D animation and modeling to 3D printing, architectural visualizations and virtual reality experiences. These agencies are characterized by their ability to adapt to various sectors, providing tailored solutions that integrate the latest 3D technology to transform ideas into impactful visual experiences.

3D modeling is the art of converting ideas and concepts into accurate and detailed three-dimensional representations, capable of being used by industries such as manufacturing and advertising for realistic visualizations and prototypes. This process is fundamental in the planning and design of products, allowing a thorough review of every detail before manufacturing or presentation to the market. Although it may seem complex, it is an essential step in product visualization that facilitates decision making and improves the communication of ideas.

3D design and modeling helps companies by improving product visualization, facilitating the identification of errors before production, and allowing the creation of digital prototypes for more efficient planning and a more attractive presentation to customers.

Uses and applications of 3D design and modeling include prototyping for engineering and product design, architectural visualizations, animations for marketing and advertising, simulations for education and training, and character and environment design for video games and films.

Almost any company in different sectors can use 3D design and modeling, including engineering and manufacturing, architecture and construction, entertainment and media, education, healthcare for medical visualizations, and marketing for creating engaging visual content.

The cost associated with 3D design and modeling is calculated according to the time and resources necessary to meet the specific requirements of each project. Our meticulously organized work strategy allows us to complete 3D modeling and animation projects efficiently, achieving impressive results in a short time. This approach enables us not only to meet stipulated deadlines but also to optimize production processes for each project, ensuring creative and effective solutions.